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"trendy but with ancient ethics"

residence for MRS. Sapna trivedi in eldico regalia, lucknow







2400 Square feet




Under Construction


The house is located in Eldeco Regalia, Lucknow and has to be expanded as per their family's growing needs. Meant for a family of 3 all of whom are very religious and love their culture & heritage. Therefore this became the core of the design, an idea to reflect what the inhabitants loves came into play. They also have a great inclination towards music, therefore it was obvious that something smooth like a piece of music and intricate like our glorious past has to be reflected, but following a religious footprint.
Also, they wanted the inner spaces to be modern, which reflects their modern attitude and lifestyle, therefore an idea of fusion came into play.
The masses were so designed that the whole composition looks like a war chariot (THIS TAKES ITS INSPIRATION FOM A VERY FAMOUS MAHABHARAT IMAGE WHERE LORD KRISHNA IS GUIDING ARJUN TO THE PENULTIMATE WARFARE ON A CHARIOT) where the masses below reflects the past and the masses above reflects a futuristic approach.
Also since the first floor is for family, gathering, and recreation, therefore it houses innovations like mud walls, large skylights, green walls, and free-flowing spaces.
The design makes its statement and stands out from the monotonous building blocks of the surrounding.


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