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residence for mr. rizwan in barabanki

The location, as well as the dimensions of the plot, is very unconventional. Its one side faces the road and the other faces a running Nala(Dirty Brook), with all the sides of the plot having different dimensions making it an irregular quadrilateral. The site front faces 3- 45' high Ashoka trees. The site is situated in a mixed land-use area having both cottage industries and Residential settlements in its surrounding.


The idea for this house was to dive back into the history from where Islam originated. The house follows the ideology of Islam, segregating public with private; respecting Nature; Privacy to women and children; Simple design; no superiority portray; simple aesthetics and protection from the outside world; along with reflecting cultural Architecture elements of old times including Mashrabiyyas, qa'ah, Musallah, Majaz, Mulqafs and courtyard in a modern, contemporary way.


 The spaces strictly segregate themselves into 2 zones, public and private, and aims to provide a healthy life to the women and children residing inside the residence. Their emotional, functional, and social needs are what drives the design of this house. The central courtyard acts as a hook for the house around which all the daily functions of the house revolve. This courtyard not only promotes Passive cooling and greatly reduces the load on Electricity but also guides its inhabitants to follow a sustainable approach towards life.


The lower floor houses a garage and 3 shops for the owner. The above floor is dedicated to the Owner and his wife and houses Guests and common areas for the family. The floor above is for his son and is designed to cater to his future needs and lifestyle. The spaces, though segregated, but still acts as one due to vertical interactive areas fused within the design that brings the family together with Nature around it.


The design satisfies its context, location, budget, and requirements along with incorporating principles of Sustainability, passive cooling, and Islamic teaching, all with an innovative and Indigenous approach. 

rizwan residence
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