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Anant Krishna


An Architecture aficionado, who aims to create one of its type designs keeping in mind its social, cultural, and traditional impact on the Built environment.


He is inclined towards exploring the rich Indian Culture and Heritage which is being neglected due to the domination of European Terminology in Indian Architecture. His search for contextual answers in his designs is what makes him stand out from the existing practitioners. He is driven by his passion for innovation, technology, and Excellence.

Apart from having an affiliation with the Indian Council of Architecture, he is also an Affiliate Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects(RIBA). He is proficient in following a Sustainable approach towards a design that makes his buildings not only Environment friendly but also Pocket friendly in the Long Run.

His affection for Ancient Indian cities, contextual Architecture, For the People Design, and Indian Arts & Heritage can be felt in his Photography and Blogs which you can find under INTERESTS on the top menu.


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