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"angles for a dynamic domination"

residence for mr. deepak







4,900 Square feet


Residential Building in Barabanki


Under Construction


A multipurpose building designed to cater to our client's both Business and family needs, Deepak Residence takes an unconventional approach, strictly following Vastu, in terms of placement of various zones, and Sustainability, in terms of design, form, and angles to create naturally induced comfort, this design brings in the best of both the worlds creating a singular, unique masterpiece.

The design, proposed to be a signature in the city, aims to make its presence felt in terms of design, following an unconventional approach with an angular layout, inclining surfaces, and overhanging massive cantilevers. This design breaks the stereotype of normalcy and creates highly functional spaces with an abstract design approach.

The design revolves around its inhabitants and their specific needs, giving maximum room to natural greenery, water features, and volumetric distribution. The house is interpreted as a journey where a new, fresh experience is generated in each space yet a feeling of unity and singularity is achieved via design. With a Double ht Drawing, Triple height temple, High Bar ceilings, and a panoramic view terrace garden, this house is an experiential machine that respects nature and human emotions.


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