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"living in a garden"

residence for Mr. ajai srivastava in barabanki







3300 Square feet




Under Construction


The project is located in barabanki for a couple who is 65 years old. Having a plot area of 1800 sq. ft. and having a great devotion to God, their only requirement was to make a house that follows Vastu shastra.
But the concept was derived from their childhood play spaces and their love for heritage. The idea was to bring back what they use to love in their childhood days, that is lush greenery, plenty of air-filled and illuminated areas, and dominance of open space over built-ups.
Plus since the first floor is dedicated to their daughter and her children, therefore we wanted to create a visual relationship where all the members of the family can interact with each other, in plenty of sun and air. So the idea of creating an Aura of Palaces came into play where multiple levels are vertically linked to the central courtyard.
The design follows a sustainable approach and catches monsoon breeze and winter sun respectively creating a Naturally induced comfort. All spaces are naturally lit and ventilated, bringing down the load on Electrical consumption.
A space meant to cater to their feelings, teachings, and memories, all tied with their Built ups.


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