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"house for a modern lifestyle"

residence for mr.hemant jaiswal, BARABANKI







1850 Square feet




Under Construction


The project is designed for a young, creative, and talented photographer settled in Barabanki. The owner of the house wanted a design that stands out of the ordinary, is unique, and is one of its kind in Barabanki. Alongside that he wanted the interior as well as the exterior spaces to fell luxurious without compromising with safety.

Since the longer side faces the road, therefore it gave us an opportunity the explore the design differently. The building is design with an angular layout that attracts the eye of the passerby and flaunts itself by the virtue of its layout. The cantilever designed is unorthodox and dominated its surroundings with its monumental scale. It is visible from a long distance making the house design appeal to anyone who enters the society.

The design also follows a sustainable approach with openings and perforations are designed in such a way that it catches the wind as it passively get cooled bu Greenary and waterbodies present on their site. The design also aims to minimize the electricity used within its premises. The design promotes good sir circulation and high diffuse daylight ingress, reducing the load on consumed electricity.

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