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residence for Mrs. astha and mr. ankit in lucknow

The design attempts to explore the Nature and Taste of its owners Ankit and Astha. The design due to its angular layout creates a dynamic and extruding angle that breaks the monotony of Housing Design found in Lucknow, UP, India. This becomes a catchy and Highlighting feature of the design that makes it stand out amongst others.


The Facade design is kept simple following the nature of Astha. White is used in the Plane simple walls of Ground and Second reflects her Temperament and Simplicity. Her love for Creativity and Art is reflected in the design of Boundary that Catches one's attention and displays a vibrant work of Indian Art in a contemporary yet Indigenous way.


The First-floor dynamism reflects her fiancé Ankit's temperament whose inclination for the Modern exterior is fulfilled by a Rusty wooden cladding on the exterior. The Dark texture with abrupt extruding design compliments each other and acts as an eye-catcher for its visitors.


The minimal cove lighting just brightens up the whole Elevation play and makes it look more interesting and serene. A sense of Life is brought into the design by the visibility of a Tree rising from the courtyard, over the boundary, and complementing the whole design scheme. 

astha residence
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