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residence for mr. Bilal IN lakpedabagh, barabanki

The residence build for a family of 4 takes is their first phase of degradation. The residential site of Size 29' x 35' is surrounded by buildings on all 4 sides, with just an 8' opening left for its entrance through a road 60' deep. This challenging site required an unorthodox solution that not only provide ease and comfort to its inhabitants but also appeals to the surrounding built-ups.

The design takes its inspiration from Islam and creates an Iwan like structure that only only resonates with the faith of the owner but also blends with their rich cultural past.

This house is proposed to be an office space in the future and their new residence is proposed and is under its design stage, having ground coverage of 1800 square feets, next to this ongoing residence.

The Residence, though small in size, stands out from the surrounding structures, compliments the past, have a modern contemporary design appeal and yet follows a sustainable development with features like Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Panels, and each space being properly daylit and naturally ventilated.


Bilal residence
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