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restaurant cum bar

Restaurant Cum bar in barabanki

The site is located on the outskirts of the Town, but on a very busy Road connecting Deva with District Barabanki. This heavy traffic route along with the presence of a nearby Reliance Manufacturing factory and Nearby settlements made this site highly Lucrative. There are proposed high-rise Residential Towers near the Site. All these factors ensure a good Public flow on the site by the virtue of its Location.


Understanding the requirements, a proposal was designed taking its inspiration from a barrel, which is used to age and transport liquor. The design reflects simplicity with elegance incorporating simple yet attractive elements that reflects a modern, out-of-the-box approach. The Design aims to be an eye-catcher with an array of lush green trees that runs along the highway.


A curve design with Simple white paint and Black bands make this design unique. The design also targets to incorporate a lost traditional craft of Bunai (knitting) , on its Elevation and Interiors, which was once found in every household but is now rarely seen. 


The Bar, housed at the Lower ground floor has a hidden entry contrary to Restaurant Entry which is more celebrating and grand. This is done to segregate Bar Public from Restaurant which is usually visited by families. The back zone has a farmhouse for the Owner and quarters for the working employees.


The design fuses functionality with modern-day aesthetics, creating an iconic design that not only stands out on its own but also favors local Crafts and traditions.

Restaurant cum Bar
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